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While plastic surgery is a well-known effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fight signs of aging, there are many patients who want the results without the surgery. Dr. Curington offers the cosmetic Botox® and Juvéderm® injections to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without surgery! These solutions can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and enhance volume and shape in the injection site.

Dentists provide patients with painless injections on a daily basis, whether it be for a crown, root canal, or dental filler. Dr. Curington uses her skills and gentle hands to deliver pain-free injections for a younger, youthful, rejuvenated look.


Botox® is a cosmetic injection system derived from botulinum toxin type A. Approved by the FDA, Botox® is completely safe, stopping muscle contractions and reducing the formation of wrinkles and lines in the injection area.

The full results of Botox® injections should be seen in about a week. At this point, the muscles in the injection area are relaxed, causing the wrinkles and lines to fade. Botox injections improve your appearance and self-confidence, with results lasting approximately four to six months. Botox® also has benefits beyond mere cosmetic treatment- it has been used in therapies to help treat excessive sweating, jaw pain/tension, and migraine headaches.

If you think Botox® is just the cosmetic solution you’ve been looking for, contact our office today!


Juvéderm® is a cosmetic dermal filler derived from hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the human body. Juvéderm® presents an alternative to cosmetic surgery used to fill in deep lines and wrinkles on the face, as well as to perform lip augmentation.

The best candidates for Juvéderm® are patients in generally good health who are interested in reducing the prominence of facial wrinkles, or fuller lips. Common side effects include swelling, redness, soreness, bruising, or itching of the injection site. All of these side effects are temporary and will usually abate within a day or two following treatment. Juvéderm® will give you a youthful, fresh appearance by reducing lines and wrinkles on the face, with no recovery time required following treatment!

The results of Juvéderm® injections last between six months to a whole year. The treatment is safe, generally risk-free, and requires no downtime or major recovery.

To learn more about your options for non-surgical cosmetic enhancements, contact us today! We look forward to helping you look your absolute best.

What is Botox®?

Botox® is a very diluted form of the botulinum protein. Since the 1990s, many people have been injected with Botox® without any long-term negative effects. Very few short- term complications have been reported. It is a safe and effective way to remove the lines that show up on foreheads, crows feet and vertical wrinkles that can appear on an upper lip.

Botox® is not a permanent solution and follow-up visits about three to six months apart are needed to keep the wrinkles from reappearing.


Does Botox® hurt?

Botox® is delivered by a quick injection and can be done in your dermatologist’s office. It is virtually painless and there is a very short recovery time. Most people return to work right after a Botox® treatment.


How Does Botox® Work?

A Botox® injection weakens the muscles that cause the wrinkles. It does not normally interfere with facial expressions. Weakening the muscle that causes the wrinkles to form creates dramatic improvement in appearance that can be seen within two to seven days.

There may be mild discomfort when the doctor administers the injections. Some patients report some slight soreness and bruising that may appear in the few days after the treatment.


How Long Does The Botox® Treatment Last?

The muscles that were weakened by a Botox® injection eventually regain their strength and the wrinkles may reappear. Normally, the treatment lasts for three months but can last for six months for some patients.

What is Juvederm Injectable Gel and what does it do?

JUVÉDERM® is the only HA filler FDA approved* to last up to one year. JUVÉDERM® XC injectable gel is a smooth consistency gel dermal filler that helps to instantly restore your skin’s volume and smooth away facial wrinkles and folds like your “smile lines” or “parentheses” (nasolabial folds) —the creases that run from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth). JUVÉDERM® XC comes in two formulations—JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC and JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC.

JUVÉDERM® XC injectable gel temporarily adds volume to facial tissue and restores a smoother appearance to the face.

What are the possible Juvederm side effects?

Most Juvederm side effects are mild or moderate in nature, and their duration is short lasting (7 days or less). The most common side effects include, but are not limited to, temporary injections site reactions such as redness, pain/tenderness, firmness, swelling, lumps/bumps, bruising, itching, and discoloration. As with all skin injection procedures there is a risk of infection.

What is Juvederm XC indicated for?

JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC and JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC injectable gels are indicated for injection into the mid to deep dermis (below the outer layer of skin) for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds (the creases running from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth, aka smile lines or parentheses).

Why does JUVÉDERM® XC come in two formulations?

JUVÉDERM® XC injectable gel is available in two formulations to allow your Dr. Martin Blume to tailor treatment to your unique needs. JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC provides versatility in contouring and volumizing facial wrinkles and folds. JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC is a more robust formulation for volumizing and correcting deeper folds and wrinkles.

What makes JUVÉDERM® XC different from other dermal fillers?

JUVÉDERM® XC is the ONLY hyaluronic acid (HA) filler FDA approved* to last up to 1 year after initial treatment. A unique manufacturing process provides a high concentration of cross-linked hyaluronic acid for long-lasting results. It also works to create a smooth consistency gel that flows easily into the skin and provides a smooth, natural look and feel. All other hyaluronic acid dermal fillers currently on the market are made of granular consistency gels. And, JUVÉDERM® is the first hyaluronic acid dermal filler that has demonstrated its safety and effectiveness in persons of color.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in all mammals that helps to hydrate and add volume to your skin. In addition to its use as an aesthetic treatment, hyaluronic acid has also been used for more than 20 years for injection into arthritic joints to aid movement as well as for eye surgeries and wound repair.

What is cross-linked hyaluronic acid?

“Uncross-linked” hyaluronic acid in its natural form is in a liquid state. “Cross-linking” is the process through which hyaluronic acid is made into a gel product that can be injected into the skin for long-lasting results.

How is JUVÉDERM injectable gel used in treatment?

Our Buford Juvéderm clinic in Buford eases JUVÉDERM® XC injectable gel into the skin using a fine needle to temporarily fill in and augment the treatment area and smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds such as “smile lines” or “parentheses” (nasolabial folds) and “marionette lines” (oral commissures). JUVÉDERM® XC temporarily adds volume to the skin and may give the appearance of a smoother surface.

What will treatment with JUVÉDERM® XC injectable gel accomplish?

JUVÉDERM® XC injectable gel will help to smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Most patients need one treatment to achieve optimal wrinkle smoothing. And one treatment could smooth your lines and wrinkles for up to 1 year. Ask the doctor what you should expect from your initial treatment and when he would recommend rescheduling another appointment.

Is treatment with JUVÉDERM® XC injectable gel painful?

Injections may cause some discomfort during and after the injection. The smooth consistency gel of JUVÉDERM® XC allows Dr Blume to administer it easily and smoothly. And, JUVÉDERM® XC is injected directly into the skin using a fine needle to reduce injection discomfort. Additionally, JUVÉDERM® XC is formulated with lidocaine for a more comfortable treatment experience . Th doctor may choose to numb (anesthetize) the treatment area to further minimize discomfort.

How long does treatment usually take?

The injection process generally takes only about 15 minutes. You’ll also need to allow time to consult with us prior to treatment.

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